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December Eat the Seasons: Brussels Sprouts

I feel like sprouts are going through a bit of a renaissance. Nowadays, everyone wants a piece of them! When I was a kid, saying you liked Brussels Sprouts would make you as unpopular as saying you didn’t like football. They were infamous. I’m sure this had something

Let’s talk about Gelato!

What is it, how’s it different from ice cream, and why is it so damn delicious?! It’s 30-something sweltering in a crowded piazza on your summer Italian holiday and you’ve got a gelato in your hand. It’s so so smooth, so refreshing and the flavour is

CED meets: Italy's young prodigy, Michelin-starred chef Paolo Griffa

One of Italy’s most exciting young chefs, Paolo tells us his story: What inspires him, what makes Italian food culture so special, and why he’s been delivering cakes to some of the most vulnerable people in his community over lockdown. Paolo, born in 1991, is the head chef

November Eat the Seasons: Cauliflower

We're delighted to bring you the first of a new monthly feature: Eat the Seasons! Seasonality of ingredients is super important to us, and we are therefore championing a different fruit or vegetable each month while it's at its best. That means all sorts of chat relating to whatever beautiful

Pasta of the Week - Strozzapreti: “Priest stranglers!’

Some pasta shapes’ names have no meaning, they’re just names. Some have very literal translations, as in the case: ‘Strozza' = strangle, ‘Preti’- priests, so ‘Priest Stranglers'! As with many Italian dishes and ingredients, many myths exist around the naming of this pasta. Some say it refers to the

5 Ways You're Cooking Pasta Wrong!

1 You’re Not Salting The Water Enough We’re all getting a bit funny about salt aren’t we? High salt and sugar processed food has led to a bit of a health crisis in the West, and our governments are telling us we shouldn’t be putting any

Bangin' Bruschetta: Tips and Toppings Ideas

I think bruschetta gets a bad rep in Britain, mainly because they usually consist of some bland, anaemic tomatoes on a piece of soggy cotton-wool bread. This isn't complex food, but they can be absolutely delicious if done right and are perfect for aperitivo time. First off, use nice crusty

5 Reasons To go on a Cook Eat Discover Italian adventure

1 Intimate, chef-led cooking classes you’ll really learn from Ever been on a course or workshop where it feels like the instructor is just going through the motions? That’s just not us; we believe in classes focused on helping you really understand the skills and tips needed to
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