Food, Wine and Restaurant Reviews

Supermarket Wine of the Week: Lidl Barolo 2016, £11.99

Buying a nice bottle of Barolo can break the bank, but we think we've found a delicious wine at an absolute snip - just a little over a tenner at Lidl! The King of Wines First off, let's talk Barolo basics. Sometimes nicknamed 'the King of Wines', it's made from

Supermarket Wine of the Week! Burdizzo Vermentino, 2016, Asda, 12%, £6.18

Vermentino isn’t the best known grape - but it’s a popular white wine grape in Tuscany and super underrated in our opinion. It’s a great all rounder, but as Vermentino's usually dry and crisp it works really well in the summer. It’s been pretty baking hot
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