Video Recipe: Heavenly Ragu - The ultimate meat sauce for pasta!

As is the case with many great Italian dishes, this is not a complicated thing to make, but it does need plenty of time to cook so that it can develop its full flavour. Ideally 4 hours minimum! For this recipe we have a video guide you can watch that

Video Recipe: Butterly lovely! Simple sauces for stuffed pasta shapes

The more complex the pasta….the simpler the sauce! So let's talk about ravioli, tortelli, agnolotti, cappelletti and all of their wonderful brothers, sisters and cousins! Most stuffed pasta shapes have bags of flavour in their fillings. Think about the fillings you’re likely to find  - things like heady

Video Recipe: Pasta with Mussels

This pasta and mussel sauce dish will transport you to a summer's day on the Amalfi coast! We have an Instagram video to go with the recipe too, you'll find the video below. Most fishmongers and some supermarket fish counters in the UK will have mussels for sale, but I

Video Recipe: Effortless Tomato Sauce for Pasta

Don't overcomplicate it! Aside from the olive oil, our pomodoro sauce has 3 ingredients in it. As I mention in the vid, this is one of those things that is routinely overcomplicated. There’s a frustrating tendency to add dried herbs and vegetables until this no longer really tastes like

Recipe: Pumpkin Risotto - A perfect autumn risotto with four textures of Pumpkin!

We've used a classic Italian risotto method, but added different textures of pumpkin at different times. We've added roasted pumpkin chunks and toasted pumpkin seeds to the top of the risotto to serve, while there is both cubed pumpkin and a velvety pumpkin puree cooked in with the rice! Essentially,

Recipe: Salsa ai Funghi - A simple but delicious sauce for pasta and meats

Serves 4 500g simple fresh mushrooms - chestnut, portobello or plain white mushrooms are fine100g of stronger, speciality mushrooms like porcini or shiitake. You can use frozen or rehydrated dried ones. If you can’t find speciality mushrooms like these just use more basic mushrooms.Extra virgin olive oil3 cloves

Recipe: Super Salsa Verde!

We're putting this up due to a few requests for the recipe from former Cook Eat Discover guests who we prepared it for in Tuscany. Vivid green and delicious with meats, fish and vegetables, Salsa Verde is the condiment you've been missing in your life! Literally 'green sauce', Salsa Verde

Pasta of the Week - Strozzapreti: “Priest stranglers!’

Some pasta shapes’ names have no meaning, they’re just names. Some have very literal translations, as in the case: ‘Strozza' = strangle, ‘Preti’- priests, so ‘Priest Stranglers'! As with many Italian dishes and ingredients, many myths exist around the naming of this pasta. Some say it refers to the

Recipe: SOUPER BOWL! Aqua Cotta

Aqua Cotta - A little known Tuscan gem of a soup that we absolutely love! It’s specific to the Maremma region in which we are based, and it’s a real meal of soup that includes bread and a poached egg. Literally meaning ‘cooked water’, aqua cotta takes a
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